About the Authors


Hey y’all, my name is Emily! I am a fun loving college student at High Point University. I am studying to become a Pharmacist, and I like to think that I am one to give pretty good advice. I started this blog two years ago, and I am just now getting started gathering a team of beautiful and talented women to help. I love photography, good books, Netflix, my sorority, and anything that I can get into with my friends. I’m always at the beach when I am not busy with school and want to live there or have a house there one day.

I’m extremely close with my family and friends.

I can’t wait to take you on my adventures through college and beyond.



Hi, I’m Ali, and I’m from Ohio. I go to the University of Tennessee and I absolutely love it there. I love yoga, the beach, photography, and traveling. You can find me at the beach, or if I’m not there… find me on Pinterest wishing I was (or watching Netflix that too).



Hi, my name is MacKenzie! I have a strong love for Harry Potter, The Office, Hamilton, and all things Benedict Cumberbatch. I am currently attending High Point University and pursuing a degree in Event Management with a Spanish minor. My free time is taken up by many different activities, but my favorite is obsessing over the previously mentioned things.



Hey y’all! My name is Taylor. I don’t have much to say, but I’m excited to start this journey and see what I can make of it!



My name is Nicole. I’m currently a student at High Point University and plan on graduating in 2018. I’m studying Human Relations with a minor in Psychology at HPU and plan on going into conflict mediation. I’m originally from Connecticut, but my mom and I recently moved to Virginia. I like to think I was born a ‘northerner’ but am a ‘southerner’ at heart. I have always loved the south, which is why I chose a college in North Carolina.

I grew up with divorced parents, but they are still pretty close and until recently they used to live on the same street; which was interesting at times, but also really helpful. The reason for their divorce was not because they didn’t get along but actually because my dad is gay. Overall, though, my unique family situation seems to work out pretty well. My dads got married this summer after being together for close to 10 years. After that is when my mom decided to move to Virginia, also because my younger sister is currently a freshman nearby at James Madison University.

Family and my friends are the most important thing to me, but I’m also really interested in art and spend a lot of my time doing crafts if I’m not with my friends, boyfriend and his adorable little dog Otto, or my family. Another thing that is really important to me is my fitness. I struggled with my weight when I was younger and at times felt like I wasn’t “good enough”, or “skinny enough”. Eventually, though, I found ways to deal with those thoughts and pushed myself to change. I’m definitely not a super skinny girl, but I’m finally happy with where I am; I do constantly work toward maintaining a healthier lifestyle.